Work-Life Balance & Time Management tips and strategies for women solopreneurs, Childfree and Empty nesters, and students who want to embrace their lifestyle and freedom. We do this through structure, flexibility, and boundaries.

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“Jennifer is an expert in escaping what feels like the inescapable by creating a schedule and plan that doesn’t fit the traditional norm of how we’re supposed to work and live.” – Molly Fagan, Conscious Digital Marketing

How’s your time management and work-life balance?

Do you have a full schedule and tend to overwork?


Here, you’ll find work-life balance & time management tips and strategies for women solopreneurs, childfree, and empty nesters, who want to embrace their lifestyle and freedom. We do this through structure, flexibility, and boundariesI believe planning and taking action can be fun and exciting when you’re clear on what you want, now.


How would it feel to live life on your own terms that is in alignment with your values and goals? No income limits, the ability to truly embrace the lifestyle you want, and be your own boss. You get to choose what works for YOU


Hi, I’m Jennifer, the Time Optimizer. I help established solo Coaches, Consultants, and service-based business owners – childfree by choice, no kids yet, and empty nesters, go from overworking to living life on their terms.


I’ve never been one to be traditional in life or a career, and if you’re like me,  tend to go against society’s expectations and do your own thing. All while wanting to experience life while you’re living, not waiting to retire.

 Imagine what you could do, starting with an extra 2 hours each day:

  • Sleep better
  • Take your time getting ready for the day
  • Fully present by yourself or with others
  • Know what to do to feel accomplished each day
  • Create income generating offers
  • Spontaneity to grab a coffee with a friend
  • Make memories with family
  • Spoil your partner and pets
  • More involved with causes close to your heart 

Ready to gain back time and plan with purpose?

After working together, some of the things my clients experienced are:

  • Clarity and confidence on what to focus on each day
  • Flexibility for more spontaneity, fun, and sleep
  • Clear goals and time boundaries
  • Simplified life and business plan to get more done 
  • Planning with purpose


Client Love from Christina

“Jennifer Vaaler is a game-changer. With her guidance, I’m moving from overwhelm into alignment in both my personal life and in my business. 

As a childfree solo business owner with a second job, I am busy. Before working with Jennifer, I had a tendency of overworking myself and saying yes to everyone – except me. This translated into an unhealthy cycle of overscheduling myself, then feeling stressed out, anxious and unhappy. Also, I was lacking a clear sense of direction and purpose in my business. 


I wanted to maximize the time I was able to spend on my business and simultaneously find more time for self-care, so I had a conversation with Jennifer. In the beginning, I voiced concerns to her about my lack of time and focus, drained energy and my bad habit of procrastinating. I wasn’t sure I was able to be helped. Unfazed, Jennifer started teaching me about setting healthy boundaries with others, and even myself. 


She encouraged me to create white space in my calendar, allowing for more freedom and flexibility with my schedule. As someone who was prone to overbooking, this was a helpful suggestion that has significantly reduced my anxiety and brought peace back into my life. Even on my busiest days, there is still ample space in my planner for self-care when I need it. 


Through her valuable tools, I’ve also become clear on my values, learning to be aware of where my time, energy and focus goes. This awareness has led me to make positive changes in my life to help me reach my goals faster. Now, I am happier and living life in alignment.


She has guided me through a successful rebrand and helped ease my sense of overwhelm by showing me which tasks to prioritize. Her suggestions have helped me optimize and save time, money and energy – our three most precious resources.

If you’re a childfree solo business owner struggling with overwhelm, procrastination and finding enough time in your schedule for you, have a conversation with Jennifer. One step at a time, she can help you shift your life in the direction you desire.”

Work Together

Free Consult

In this call, we'll get to know each other, where you are, and your goals. Then we'll do a Calendar Audit and/or learn more about how we can work together.

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Purposeful Planning Bootcamp

In this customized 1:1 Program, you'll plan with purpose for total time transformation and become a boundaries boss.

  • Imagine what you could do with an additional 7+ hours a week - build a business, travel, sleep, enjoy a hobby, family time, volunteer...
  • Start each day knowing what to focus on so you get more done in less time
  • 1:1 Weekly Support to short cut the trial and errors I went through, + access to my resources and experience
  • Custom Action Plan with next steps to start and know what next
  • Stay Accountable so you stay on track and get more done
  • Monthly Planning to break your goals down into small steps
  • Weekly Check-ins to make sure you're staying on track and make adjustments as needed

Ready to gain back time, plan with purpose and live life on your terms?


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