Does Your Calendar Align with the Lifestyle and Business You Want?

Productivity and Lifestyle Coach for Child-free Business Owner

Time Management isn't about to-do lists, planning every moment of the day, or hustling.


  • Need more time in your day for freedom, fun, and family
  • Struggle with people-pleasing and too many obligations you don’t want to do
  • Your plan lacks focus
  • Struggle with overworking and not stepping away from your business
  • Excited but overwhelmed with your marketing strategy and not sure when to do what

I know what it’s like and have helped clients with all of these and more. 

You can have a full schedule but that doesn’t mean you have to. Especially without kids.

What would you do with an extra 10+ hours each week?

Imagine what life can be like everyday...

Go from

Unorganized and not giving your clients 100%

Feeling restricted and unmotivated

Feeling guilty about not enough quality time with your loved ones

Feeling angry and frustrated from society’s pressure

Not making the impact you want

Being cranky and groggy


Looking & feeling like the amazing business owner you are

Space for travel, hobbies, flexibility, and creativity

Being a bigger part of the cause(s) important to you

Making more memories with your partner, friends, or family

Having mental space for peace of mind

More restful sleep and naps

Finally be able to do whatever the F*** you want!

Hi! I’m Jennifer Vaaler, your Productivity Coach & Lifestyle Strategist. Child-free by choice, and best known for helping clients create their dream no-kid lifestyle.

I’m a recovering procrastinator and wasn’t naturally organized, like you.

While in an abusive relationship, I helped my neighbors get organized in their home businesses as a way to prioritize myself during that chaotic time. The neighbors encouraged me to pursue this as a new business.

Now, I teach child-free Business Owners intentional scheduling around priorities to focus on what matters most. Clients describe me as a non judgemental easy listener, who gives you the push you need and no sugar coating.

In my spare time, you can find me in the mountains with my partner, Kurt. Or at home gaming, watching movies, learning how to be more efficient, and cuddling my pet rabbit, Luna.

Fun Facts:

1) My first career was in the coffee industry over a decade and I owned/operated two coffee drive thru’s

2) I’ve traveled to eight countries and 1/3 of the USA