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Are you a Childfree by Choice solo Business Owner and love a coffee shop vibe?

Do you tend to go against the grain, feel like you don't belong, the "black sheep" of the family, or different, etc. just because you don't live your life according to society's standards? Then you're in great company!

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DIY mini-course and 1:1 Strategy & Consulting for Work-Life Alignment. Specializing in organization and time optimization for unconventional solo business owners, so they can make life happen!

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How’s your time management and work-life balance?

Do you have a full schedule?


How would it feel to live your unconventional life and build your solo Coaching, Consulting, or service-based business on your own terms for work-life alignment? No income limits, the ability to truly embrace the lifestyle you want, and be your own boss. You get to decide what works for YOU. Here, you’ll find time management tips, tools, and strategies to increase your productivity and get organized.

“Jennifer is an expert in escaping what feels like the inescapable by creating a schedule and plan that doesn’t fit the traditional norm of how we’re supposed to work and live.” – Molly Fagan, Conscious Digital Marketing

Hi, I’m Jennifer, the Work-Life Alignment Expert, specializing in time optimization and simplifying your business and office for unconventional solo business owners – childfree by choice, no kids yet, and empty nesters, so they can experience life more!


 I’ve never been one to be traditional in a job or career. I’ve worked part-time most of my life and I’m not naturally organized. My background is in coffee shop efficiency, freelancing, pivoted from virtual assistance to strategy and Consulting, managing a chronic illness, and got a degree at age 35, in Business Administration. This gives me a unique perspective on building a business on my terms.

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