10things_meDay4 of the #FeelGoodBlogging Challenge encourages us to open up and post 10 things you may not know about me. I’m an open book, so choosing which things to share was hard to pick.

 1. I’m obsessed with the mountains

I grew up in the foothills of North Carolina and remember family trips up there almost every weekend so there are many great memories tied to them.

Mountains are also are a metaphor for my life and business, hence why I implemented them into my logo and .

2. I’ve never been skiing

Although I live close to the mountains, I never felt the need to learn to ski.

3. I Love Traveling

During middle and high school ages, our family had the opportunity to travel. I’ve been to England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Canadian Rockies, and 1/4 of the USA.

I haven’t been able to travel much since then, but hope to go to Norway (I’m Norwegian) and Australia (for the coffee and Koalas).

4. I’m obsessed with Arc Notebooks & Post it Notes

As you’ll see when I write more posts. I have a few photos on my Instagram already.

5. Autumn is my favorite season

Snugly sweaters, flannel, cooler mornings, stew, chili…. mmm and of course coffee seems to taste better when it’s cold out.

6. Coffee is my other passion

I’ve been a Barista most my life (mainly at Indy cafe’s) and have a coffee blog called Daily Demitasse. Bonus points if you know what a demitasse is 😉

7. Favorite Hobby

Anything outdoors, but my most recent hobby is Traditional Archery target shooting by instinct. It helps clear my head, better focus, and turns out I’m naturally kind of decent for a beginner.

8. My dog and I are clumsy

Within the same week, my dog and I each sprained our ankle on the same set of stairs, same leg. This was last week, actually haha.

9. PC and Andriod only

I always have and always will upgrade PC’s and Android only. I can play video games and do everything on them I need to do.

10. I’m a nerd (or geek?) at heart

I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, video games, cosplay, etc. Anything along that line, yup, I love it!


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