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Your business and projects are your passion so it doesn’t feel like work, most of the time. This can turn you into a workaholic.

The longer this goes on, working too much begins taking a toll on our body and relationships. Once our energy gets depleted, burnout ensues and get stuck in a rut. You body/health may even force you to stop. This is what we must try to avoid.

Here are 5 Ways that help me prevent burnout when working from home.

1. Priorities

Before making any big decisions, know your priorities and values. What is most important to you in all areas of your business and life?

Write these down.

Once you know your priorities, all your decisions, strategies and goals should align with them. This makes it easier to say “no” to things that won’t help you long-term financially.

2. Self-Care

When you’re sick or hurt, everything must be on hold or you simply are unable to give family, friends and your business your best. Don’t get to this point.

Instead, remember that it’s ok to put yourself first. Relaxing (no matter how much it feels like being lazy) helps rejuvenate, enjoy time with loved ones and give us a chance to enjoy the moments.

I make sure to treat yourself and splurge sometimes to celebrate those little “wins”. It makes me feelĀ  more confident and it shines though in my work.

3. Boundaries

What are you willing to do and not put up with in your business (you and clients) or from people you love?

Without standing my ground, I had become a push-over. Too many people asking for favors, giving discounts just to get a client, etc. Things got out of control.

Once I knew what my boundaries were, and implemented them, I earned respect. It saved me a lot of time for paid work and from the stress of bad clients and “friends” who wanted to take advantage of me because I’m “too nice.”

4. Business Policies

Are you a push over from your clients? Maybe you could start implementing policies for yourself in your business and business policies for clients.

Personally, do you use your most productive part of the day for large projects that are mentally and emotionally exhausting? If not, try it.

I realized my most productive time is between 6am and 10am. After that, I’m pretty useless except for running errands and doing mundane office tasks and social media. Then, I’ll have a productive spurt right before bed (which is when I’m writing this) after eating a good meal, spending time with my family and relaxing, I’m ready to focus again.

Don’t let clients get away with running late. Time is our main asset and should be treated accordingly. It’s not only disrespectful towards you, but proves they won’t take your services seriously and could potentially turn into “that client you hate”. Get a deposit upfront. This helps you find your ideal customer too.

Pick a time to stop working for the day if you need to. This makes “balancing” your work and life easier. I prefer ending my work day between 3pm or 4pm.

5. Business Bff’s

Sure your friends and family are supportive, that’s wonderful! But they don’t understand what it’s like to go through as an Entrepreneur and you need business friends who “get it”.

Network and meet people in the same industry, but aren’t competition. This is great for feedback and have each other as referrals to clients if you are booked or they are looking for a service you don’t provide.

Online groups (like for this challenge) and forums are great for finding like-minded people who can support and encourage each other.

A Mastermind group takes networking and groups to another level. These are great because only a few, tight-knit people meet once a week or monthly to discuss goals, get feedback, and can provide other opportunities to each other.

Prevent Burnout while working from home | | #timemanagement #selfcare #alignment


How do you do to prevent burnout? Share in the comments.


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