What is Evernote?

If your brain had a library and 3-ring binders, it would be Evernote. You can store, share, organize and search important information in one place. You even have easy access on-the go- since Evernote syncs across all devices.

What you’ll Learn

In this training, you’ll learn 3 Ways to use Evernote to increase your productivity, as a Freelance Writer.

Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Vaaler.  I am a Business & Home Office Strategist and Certified Evernote Consultant, for overwhelmed Service-based business owners who work from home. I give clients the space to create order and flow in their business and office.

Overview of Evernote

  • 3 VERSIONS – Computer, desktop app, and mobile app. I’ll be focusing on the PC desktop app for this training.
  • WEB CLIPPER – Is a Chrome extension where you can clip URLs along with the web page so you’ll always have the information if the site goes down. Clip your reviews, interviews and tweets that you might want to reuse.
  • TAGS for easy search
  • AUDIO- record any tidbits of brilliance you have about your book in progress
  • CAPTURE PHOTOS with your phone (like magazine articles, highlight notes from a book you’re reading etc.)
  • SCAN papers to upload into Evernote and easily search them.

Example on HOW TO create – Stacks, notebooks, notes, tags

Example on HOW TO use web clipper

3 Ways to use Evernote as a Freelance Writer

  1. Daily Tasks/Processes
  • Workflow & Checklists
  • Most used documents have Templates – contracts, emails, etc.
  • Blogging process – TAGS for: inspiration, research, outline, write draft, etc.
    • How you’ll get new clients
    • Name with notes of new lead: where you met, how they heard of you etc.


2) Client Project Tracking

    • A “Stack” for “Clients”
    • 1 Notebook within this stack for each client.
      • Within each client notebook, you’ll save invoices, contracts, notes, outlines, and research for each client.
    • Use tags to track leads and projects


3) Personal Freelance Writing Business 

    • Blog Inspiration/Ideas using the web clipper
    • Outlines to make it easier to start writing blog posts or articles.
    • Writing research for your own blog posts, articles, etc.
    • Marketing Notebook for marketing strategy, messaging, branding,

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