If you’re reading this, that means you would rather write than go live on video. That’s great! Me too. The good news is that there is no one “best” content marketing strategy for your business.

Instead, utilize your strengths and repurpose that method. Whether it’s writing, video, podcast, etc.

First, let me clarify that turning a blog into a business and blogging for your business are very different strategies. I’ll be focusing on the latter.

In this post, I’ll talk about why blogging for your business is a great marketing content strategy to stay consistent with valuable content, some questions to start asking yourself for strategy, and how long your posts need to be.

Why Blog for your Business?

You can utilize writing to your advantage to make writing content easier and faster with this business strategy, then repurpose those blog posts to create weekly, or monthly, content for social media. #worksmarternotharder

Nervous about putting yourself out there? Then how will your clients find you? No one else has your unique perspective or experience. This is a great way to share your authenticity and build authority.

Grab my FREE blogging and repurposing checklists to get started.

First, you’ll need a strategy.

The Strategy

Basically, you take one long piece of content, your blog post, then repurpose it into smaller chunks and quotes, to use for the rest of the content you create to post on social media.

See? Easy peasy!

  1. Never run out of ideas
  2. Never start with a blank screen
  3. Write more content in less time
  4. Drive traffic to your website
  5. Repurpose posts into weekly content for social media
  6. Get consistent sharing valuable content that shows your authority

Really think long-term about how blogging and repurposing your posts can make a positive impact on your and your business.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do I enjoy writing enough to blog regularly – 1x/month or more?
  • Does Blogging make sense for my business?
  • What are long-term goals for utilizing your blog as content?
  • Am I willing to learn along the way to drive more traffic to my blog posts? Like, SEO (search engine optimization), Pinterest, etc.
  • Where do I want to repurpose my blog posts?

Here are some examples from my own Blogging for Business Strategy.

  • I don’t want to spend much time creating free valuable content that builds know, like, and trust, but this is my favorite way of doing so
  • Get client leads
  • Build my email list
  • Drive traffic to my website that converts into paid clients and customers
  • Let my content speak for itself
  • Make Google, Pinterest, and social media love my posts
  • If I ever decide to create courses, a podcast, or videos, I already have content to use
  • I want to learn just enough about SEO and Pinterest to get started. I’ll hire pros later

So how often and how long will your blog posts be?

How often to write blog posts

The last thing you need is to feel anxious or dread to get a blog post published on time.

It’s about quality > quantity. Google (and your potential clients) prefer longer, more in-depth blog posts. When you share your expertise in a blog post for free, potential clients will wonder how much more amazing value they’ll get by hiring you.

Based on your current schedule, how much time do you really have to write a blog post from start to finish? This can be once a week, once a month, or somewhere in-between. Give yourself extra time the first couple of times to get an idea of how long this process takes you.

The point is to start slow and get consistent. Once you decide, add the publish date in your calendar, then work backward to figure out how long the process will actually take you.

Once you get the process down, it’ll go faster, especially since the point is to never start with a blank page.

For example, since I do my idea research once a month, I give myself 1 week to write and format my blog post and one week to promote, so I publish bi-weekly for now.


Creating valuable content can be easier and take less time, if you utilize your writing strength. Since it’s quicker to repurpose blog posts, consistently posting to social media feels easy and even fun.

Never start from a blank screen again and never worry about coming up with ideas to post about.

I go more in-depth on strategy, planning, and repurposing in my downloadable .pdf, Blogging for Business Workbook & Planner.


How have you utilized your writing strength in your business?


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