F*ck Society's Expectations!

Child-free by choice. Success by intention. 

You only die once but you get to LIVE each day. So live the life YOU want, no matter what anyone else says.

Because creating the child-free life of time and financial freedom you know to your core you are meant to have, starts right here.

Hi! I’m Jennifer Vaaler.

Living by this motto is how I’ve been able to create boundaries, make decisions, and know what I want to do and why as a child-free by choice online business owner.

My Mission is to help you fully embrace your no-kid lifestyle and business and all the time freedom and financial freedom it allows?

My Philosophy

  • Time is our most important asset, use it wisely.
  • Organizing your external business and office clutter, makes the internal “chaos” easier to sort out.
  • There is no work/life balance. It’s a matter of knowing your priorities.
  • Child-free women are useful, fulfilled, and contribute to society without having kids
  • Life and business are a journey.

Your Productivity, Business, Home Office, & Lifestyle Strategist… At Your Service

Hi! I’m Jennifer, your Business & Home Office Strategist. An INFJ  “adventurous homebody”, based near the gorgeous Mountains of North Carolina (my happy place), and not your typical Southern gal (you’ll find out how as we get to know each other). I’m also a coffee connoisseur, gamer, Steampunk cosplay, traveler, and have a pet rabbit who has taken over my home office.

Through my unique background and skill set in Business, planning, Interior Decorating, and Pro Organizing, I empower child-free online Entrepreneurs to create more fun, flexibility, and freedom in their life.


Time Management & Organizing Saved Me

When people see what I do, they assume that I must have always been organized and put-together. 


Let me tell you, it was NOT like this until I HAD to make it like this. 

Back in 2011, I transitioned from barista to drive-thru owner. I guess you could say I skipped all the promotions and went straight for the brass ring! LOL 


I had to learn VERY QUICKLY that time and space were precious. 


It was trying to operate with a regular cafe-sized inventory, out of that tiny area, that I had to learn to be organized with my surroundings. 


I also had to learn how to manage time because I was no longer just “brewing up shots of happiness” for customers. I was now in charge of EVERYTHING else: admin, marketing, managing my employee, picking up supplies, then going home to ‘walk on eggshells’ around HIM…

During this time, I was in an abusive relationship and originally started this website to document my entrepreneurial journey, as a distraction.

I also decluttered 85% of my stuff. It was the productive outlet I needed to turn my anger and anxiety into enough courage to leave that relationship and start my life over.

There was a fire within me that knew I was meant for something more. 

I knew if I didn’t change my situation and take action, nothing would ever change. 

I was terrified, lost, and wasn’t sure of what the future would hold, but it was time for my new journey. 

This empowered me set goals and took action, I felt lighter, less stressed, order, and flow. 

After I left, I never looked back.

Since the day I left, I promised myself I’d never let anyone (including society) tell me how to live my life.

I’ve been obsessed with time management, home office organization, and planning ever since.