About Jennifer Vaaler

Make it Happen Coach & Strategist for coffee-loving Entrepreneurs who work from home.

Jennifer Vaaler knows the joy of a great tasting, high-quality cup of coffee. For over a decade, she worked in indie coffee shops as a Barista and Café Manager, serving customers their favorite drinks and seeing how happy it made them. When she moved up to management, she learned how to put effective, organized systems and processes in place to keep her drive-thrus running smoothly. Now, as The Make It Happen Coach, Jennifer combines her two passions – great coffee and productivity – helping her clients get organized and simplify their businesses while staying caffeinated.

She lives in North Carolina with the love of her life and her pet rabbit. An INFJ  “adventurous homebody”, based near the gorgeous Mountains of North Carolina. She’s also a blogger,  gamer, cosplayer, personal safety advocate, and domestic violence awareness advocate.



  • Time is our most important asset, use it wisely.
  • Schedule your priorities.
  • Organizing your external business and office clutter makes the eternal “chaos” easier to sort out.
  • There is no work/life balance. It’s a matter of knowing your priorities.
  • Life and business are a journey. Take action and implement it.
  • Productivity + Coffee = Make your goals happen

How Time Management & Organizing Saved her

Something Jennifer hears all the time is, “you’re so organized!” Here’s the thing…She didn’t use to be that way…

Jennifer struggled with depression, procrastination, and on the verge of hoarding. Some days, she thought her mental state and chronic illness would get the best of her.

Between leaving the coffee industry and transitioning into this business, Jennifer was in an abusive relationship and originally started this website to document her entrepreneurial journey, and as a distraction from the chaos.

There was a fire within her that knew she was meant for something more. Tired of being a victim, she knew if something didn’t change and take action, nothing would ever change. Jennifer was terrified, lost, wasn’t sure of what the future would hold, but it was time for my new journey. It was time to conquer and move my mountain…

Once I refused the victim mindset, set better goals, and put an action plan in place, I felt lighter, less stressed, order, and flow. This also helped empower me by decluttering 85% of my stuff and gained enough courage to leave that relationship to start my life over.

The Story Behind The Make Coffee Happen Blend 

Coffee is more than just your wake-up. It’s also a delicious dive into your senses. From savoring the rich aroma as it brews to enjoying that first satisfying sip, coffee is a treasured part of your daily routine that helps fuel you to get things done.

This custom Make Coffee Happen Blend is Jennifer’s ode to her passions – coffee and productivity. Let this special, quality brew become your sidekick while you create amazing things and build your business.

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Thanks for being a part of this with us.


What I learned from this adventure…

No matter what chaos is going on around you, better time management and an organized space give you back some control in your chaotic world. From there, it’s easier to handle them better.  From this experience, my new passion and mission are to help work from home Solo business Owners simplify and streamline their business to get ready to scale their business.