Not Creative?

Don’t have time?

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I create Custom Planners and Project BindersPass this task to me so you can focus on the rest!

Jennifer’s designs are spot on. Highly professional and easy to use. She has attention to detail and a quick turn-around time. She’s my go-to person for custom template design. ~ Bridgett Tulloh,

Project Binders

If you’re multi-passionate, or juggling multiple projects or businesses, a Project Binder can help you stay focused and organized each Quarter.

When you have a binder on your desk, the rest are put away so it’s easier to get into the mindset of working on what’s in front of you.

I recommend Quarterly Binders for:

  • Goal Setting
  • Planning
  • Work flow
  • and more!

The Process

1) Initial consultation of needs – Goals, brand colors and fonts, layout style etc.

2) I’ll create one page and ask for feedback to make sure i’m on the right track

3) Tweak and finish your templates

4) You finalize the templates/worksheets, then I’ll send an invoice through PayPal.

5) Once you pay, I’ll turn the templates into a .pdf then send it over 


I offer Three Package options for the service:

  1. Template Bundle 1:  5 Custom templates for $67 USD
  2. Template Bundle 2: 5 custom templates + recommendations for supplies for $79 USD
  3. The “Done-for-you” Bundle: I’ll create up to 7 Custom templates per binder and put the binder together for you. $499 for four Binders upfront, or an automatic payment plan option of $149/month for four months. (payment setup is upfront)