If you have a physical product (planners, etc), online resource or tool I should try out, that would add value to my audience and clients, please continue reading and fill out the form below.


As an Office Organizer and Productivity Coach, I love beta testing and trying out physical and digital tools (video games too) to simplify my business and make recommendations to my clients and audience.


I believe in helping each others businesses grow and put you in front of a new audience.


Who: My readers are mainly women aged 20-45 who work from home and are solo business owners with online businesses.



I’m looking to work with other like-minded Entrepreneurs who believe in simplifying their business by doing more in less time, work hard, play hard (adventurous) and do good in the world.

  1. If you would like me to feature you, I prefer doing written blog posts and video interviews.
  2. If you want to feature me, I’m happy to write a guest blog post, be interviewed via video or podcast and be a speaker for your Virtual Summit.

Does this sound like you? Simply fill out the form below.

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  • Guest Blog posts
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I love showing my readers how much I appreciate them and giving them as much value as possible with tools to grow their businesses.

I’m looking for businesses to collaborate with to offer you a tool or resource I have personally used and would recommend to my readers.

  • Free month or year membership
  • Free product
  • Exclusive discount code




Whenever I recommend tools and resources to my clients and readers, I like to offer a review of it with it’s pros and cons and who it would be best for, based on work styles.

  • Apps
  • Programs
  • Office Supplies
  • Paper Planners


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