5 Ways to Prevent Burnout When You Work From Home

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Your business and projects are your passion so it doesn’t feel like work, most of the time. This can turn you into a workaholic.

The longer this goes on, working too much begins taking a toll on our body and relationships. Once our energy gets depleted, burnout ensues and get stuck in a rut. You body/health may even force you to stop. This is what we must try to avoid.

Here are 5 Ways that help me prevent burnout when working from home. (more…)

Vulnerability in Change

Day 6: #FeelGoodBlogging Challenge – Vulnerability Now, I have no problem being vulnerable. That’s what makes us human and “real”. The question is what to write about since I’ve written a few things already that were vulnerable. Here is a post I wrote a couple years ago about change and Read more…

How To Love Monday’s

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I happen to be a morning person. You may not be, and that’s okay. I’m one of these “annoying Monday people” that are chirpy and excited to get the week started. It may also be because I was a Barista most of my life.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, there is no reason to hate Monday’s.

Consciously making an effort to start the week  off on in a more positive mindset makes the rest of the week better. Here’s how you can look forward to Monday. (more…)