Time Management Mentoring for Student Success
(High School & College)

Dear Student, 

As a student, you have a lot more going on than your parents and other adults remember, especially in this fast-paced digital age.  

I get it. You want to balance studying, get projects done early, have a social life, enjoy hobbies, and sleep sometime. 

Maybe you also have a job or even building a side business. 

You have big dreams, but not sure how to accomplish them without getting overwhelmed. 

You’re in the right place!

As your mentor, we’ll work together to get the most out of your time so you can turn those dreams into a reality. 

Dear Parent,

You want what’s best for your child. After all, that’s why you’re here, right?

As the saying goes, “it takes a village,” so let’s team up and help your child out, together! 

After being back in College after over a decade, technology has changed so much since I was in school. Not only did I not have the tools then as we do today, there are more distractions than ever.  My time management and productivity had to change as well

As your child’s mentor, I’ll help them become a high-achiever, utilizing the tools and strategies that work best for their personality. 

Why Time Management for Students?

Time Management is an important soft skill that helps students prioritize tasks and more accurately estimate the amount of time needed to complete them. It helps them complete activities in a timely fashion, and learn to manage and stick to a schedule, without getting overwhelmed and burning out. 

  • Great skill to have on your resume’
  • Helps with self-discipline
  • Get ahead in life and your career
  • Easier to set goals and achieve them sooner
  • Impress others by always showing up early
  • Sleep better
School teaches a lot of topics, but not enough skills. Time Management is one of those that should be taught but isn’t. 

That’s where I come in. 

After working together, your student will…

  • Know study habits that help prevent procrastination and distractions based on personality and study habits
  • Have an important skill to add to their resume’
  • Know how to implement next steps for goals
  • More self-disciplined
  • Get ahead in life and career
  • Easier to set goals and achieve them sooner
  • Impress others by always showing up early
  • Sleep better


Peer Mentoring vs Tutoring?

Peer Mentors show you how to navigate the entire process while supporting you in a variety of aspects including those beyond academics.

A Peer Mentor:

  • Has been exactly where you are right now
  • Shares the expectations that lay ahead
  • Provides tips that save you time and effort
  • Speak directly to your concerns of the unknown
  • Recommends regular touch points to gauge progress & stay on track

A Tutor is a student who has been trained in tutoring strategies and has successfully passed the courses they tutor in with a grade of ‘B’ or better.

A Tutor:

  • Has likely taken the course you need help with (the exception is Live Help tutors)
  • Can support you when you have specific questions about assignments
  • Can provide perspective about what will be helpful for the course

Hourly Time Management Mentoring 


We’ll go over everything from priorities, calendar management, to goal setting and planning so 

I will go at the students pace – 1x-2x per week. We can do this via online or in-person for your convenience. 

*Includes worksheets to help with calendar management and goal setting

We can do this via online or in-person for your convenience. 

Customized Academic Schedule

$50 per semester

After figuring out priorities, values, ad goals, I will create a customized ideal schedule that works for your student’s needs this semester

  • Flexible to shift activities around as needed
  • Enjoy a Social Life & Hobbies
  • Study time without burning out
  • More Sleep

How it Works

  1. We’ll have an initial 30 minute Consultation to discover your time management needs and goals.
  2. Mentoring can be in person if you’re local, or online via Zoom, a video program that allows us to share our screens.
  3. You’ll Schedule your first Mentoring Session 1 week in advance. The rest can be scheduled at the end of each session thereafter.
  4. You’ll pay upfront  securely through Paypal, for each 1 hour session
  5. At the end of each session, I’ll write a summary for you on what I helped your child with, and your child will write what they learned from that session. This will be one of a few other progress trackers I’ll implement.

Meet Your Mentor

Like you or your child, I wasn’t naturally good at time management, goal setting, or planning. 

It wasn’t until in my late 20’s that I finally figured out this important soft skill while working and building a business on the side. 

After going back to college a second time for Business Administration, I realized time management is a skill I wish I had starting at a younger age. It would have made life so much easier.  

Instead, I had to learn the hard way – showing up late, not realize how long tasks took, wasn’t self-disciplined, and had a horrible sleep schedule. This made me get overwhelmed and burn out a lot.  

Now, after 10+ years of , I help friends, family, and business people manage their time and priorities so they can get more done.