The flexible total time management transformation​ VIP experience to create your version of an ALIGNED life.

Sometimes you just need a focused, fully-supported day to get what you need done.

Say buh-bye to the anxiety and make progress so you can move onto the next big (or small) thing for your business and life.

Get your sh*t together, in just one day.

Imagine what you or your team could do with an extra 10+ hours each week!

Light a fire under your ass so you can hit your income goals while working less.

During our VIP Day, we will dive into the five Make it Happen Pillars, building out your simple & scalable schedule (that gives you plenty of room to play & have fun with new offers if you desire!),  whilst making sure your mindset and energy are 100% on board with every single part of it, so that you have the clarity and confidence to keep growing & evolving in your business and life for weeks, months and years to come!

No BS here. We get shit done.

As the Time Optimizer, I believe in focusing on where you are now, and the next small (read: DOABLE) steps within 90 days.

By the end of our session, you’ll:.

  • Have the clarity of a solid foundation to implement from
  • An action plan to prevent overwhelm by turning a goal or project into manageable small steps you can hand over to your Virtual Assistant(s), so they can implement right away
  • Mapped out system and processes to be set-up or adapted by your team
  • Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t enjoy so you’re living life on your terms now
  • Build confidence saying no to things and people that don’t align
  • Have dedicated time with customized support to create your 90-day action plan
  • Reduce anxiety, knowing what to focus on to help you navigate each day and continue moving forward

I've been there too...


Wasting hours on YouTube trying to piece together all the typical time management tips. Not sure where to start and never making any progress with it.



Procrastinating and letting things fall to the wayside that needs to get done. Unmotivated and only doing busy work that keeps you stagnant.


You’re still overbooking and having a hard time stepping away from your business for any length of time – mentally and physically.

REGAIN TRUE SHORT-TERM FOCUS (the focus that REALLY matters)

Not sure what to focus on next or how? 

You hear a lot about planning long-term or “the big picture.” Yes, vision is great. But, what about the short-term?

After all, a lot can happen in one year. Not just life in general, but as a person, too. You learn, grow, and gain more self-awareness. I can’t believe how much self awareness, healing, and confidence I’ve gained.

 So, how do you plan around things you can control?


That’s what your VIP Day is all about! Having structure with lots of flexibility for when life happens.

  • It’s how I made time to rebrand my business so it matches the person I’ve become
  • It’s how I know to trust myself to do what’s needed when shit hits the fan
  • It’s how things and people that used to bother me, don’t matter anymore or feels so minor compared to what I’ve been through
  • It’s how I’ve been able to manage my grief after my mom passed and still able to be happy for living each day

What would it mean to you to have an intentional plan in place today + 10 extra hours/week?

What We Can Accomplish

Discover how SIMPLE and PROFITABLE the next 90 days can be with your own exclusive VIP day.

That’s dedicated focus, brainstorming, and planning that will result in:

  • Clarity on you business and lifestyle vision so you’re aligned
  • Turn your marketing strategy into small, manageable steps so it feels aligned
  • Know how to delegate your tasks
  • Know how to calendar block for your work style
  • Know what activities makes you money so you know what to focus on first each day

VIP days are also great for:

  • CEO big picture planning
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Pure Consulting & Coaching day
  • Practice boundaries
  • Getting Organized
  • and so much more!

To get the most out of the day you need to be:

  • Ready and willing to dive deep and focus the entire day on you and your business
  • Willing to co-create your action plan. This day requires full participation (but at your pace, always)
  • Open, committed, and all set to explore a range of possibilities and to make changes in your life/business
  • Prepared to approach fears and blocks head on so that you can start creating more of what you want (and dropping the things you don’t want)
  • Enthusiastic about what’s possible for you and your business

Now booking for Q2!

I’m only taking 4 clients each month, so let’s make it happen!

Your Next Steps…

  1. Book a Consultant to make sure this is a good fit
  2. If you are a good fit, you’ll secure your VIP Day by processing your payment via PayPal or Stripe
  3. Next, you’ll fill out the VIP Client Questionnaire Form (the sooner you finish this, the sooner we can get started)
  4. Then, we’ll schedule your VIP Day

Looking forward to helping you finish this quarter with a bang!

The Experience:

Go from overworked to business bliss in just one day

In-depth VIP Day Questionnaire so we’re focused for the day

Hanging out with me all day (virtually that is!) via Zoom

I’ll lovingly light a fire under your ass. No sugarcoating here. I’m here to cheer you on and call you out when needed.

A flexible day totally customized to YOU!

Half -day and full-day options of private 1:1 strategy and consulting with Jennifer, held on Zoom with lifetime access to the recording.

2 weeks of unlimited access to Jennifer in Asana to ask questions, get feedback & have daily support (Mon-Fri) following your VIP Day.

  • Real-time, honest feedback on your current processes
  • A tailored and proven strategy based on your challenges, goals, and bandwidth.
  • Related, implementable templates that eliminate the time it takes to build from scratch
  • Peace of mind with an action plan that will help you see your strategy through by your team
  • Real, manageable progress toward the business and life you want. In one day.


What you’ll (happily!) avoid:

  • Months of wasted time, money, and effort on a program that doesn’t work with your schedule—or your desired rate of return.
  • Second-guessing because we’ll hammer out your questions as they come up
  • Time-sucking socializing (which is fun—but not a great use of your limited time!)
  • Procrastinating the right decision or the first step to bringing it to life—because you won’t be alone in making either!

This is truly a customized day focused and flexible for YOU to walk away calm and excited. During our initial consult, I’ll build a VIP day based on your needs and wants. I will focus on Strategy, Planning, Consulting & Coaching only. This is how I help you best.

 Limited availability each month, book your spot now!

1:1 VIP Half-Day Investment: $997

1:1 VIP Full-Day Investment: $1700

Team Efficiency Consulting: starting at $2500

Know your team could be more productive and in sync? Whether you’re a team of two or ten, I offer an outside perspective on how each person can be more efficient and better utilize their strengths for the sustainability of your business. Then, you take that action plan and run with it.


This is truly a customized day focused and flexible for YOU to walk away calm and excited. During our initial consult, I’ll build a VIP day based on your needs and wants.

Some ways other clients have utilized their VIP days are for:

  • CEO big picture planning
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Pure Consulting & Coaching day
  • Pivoting around life situations
  • Practice boundaries
  • Getting Organized
  • and so much more!

No. This is a NON-refundable purchase.  

If you are unable to attend the session for any reason, you WILL be able to use your purchase price as a credit toward any of my services or products, but there are NO REFUNDS.

If you cancel less than 72 Hours before your scheduled day you will lose the right to rebook or use the credit

Yes. At this time, I only travel along the east coast, within my time zone. If you would like your VIP day to be in your home or home city, you must contact us prior to booking, a $2,500 domestic travel fee will be added to the package price.

Yes, but only if you have school-aged children that go to public school or you’re an empty-nester.

I am not a parent, but my techniques and advice can still be transferred to you.

I love kids, but this is how clients and I focus and work best together.

I want to start with this, if you need to work though a lot of trauma, have severe health issues, and/or there has been a recent death, then please take care of your mental health for now. Please take care of yourself first.

On the other hand, if none of the above apply to you, then a 90-minute intensive may be a better option.

In this intensive, I’ll do a calendar audit and walk you through where you can gain more time.

Ask me about this 90-minute intensive as I do not offer it publicly.