Simplify Your Solo Coaching or Consulting Business

Are you unclear about what to focus on with limited time?

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I help you build your business part-time by turning ideas into action, and get consistent, which leads to more clients, more customers, and more money.

Christina Lawrence, The Bio Writer

“Jennifer is a Master when it comes to time management, organization, and strategy. She helped me create an inclusive schedule based on my limited time, values and priorities. Her gentle guidance and non-judgmental attitude helped me find my way out of a fog of apathy. I have some of her tools like the Daily and Weekly Business Habit Trackers, Business Progress Tracker and Brain Dump lists on my wall so I have them right in front of me. Thanks, Jennifer!”

Do I NEED a Strategist?

One of the easiest ways to determine if you need a Strategist (or not) is to ask yourself if you’re experiencing any (or all) of these:


  • Building your business on limited time?
  • Changes, pivots, or growth?
  • Problems, challenges, or dissatisfaction arise?
  • Need regular touch-points to identify opportunities?
  • Not sure what you actually need?

Let’s chat and see if I’m the right Strategist for you.all

What IS a Small Business Strategist?

According to, “A business strategist is responsible for developing strategic plans that will help improve an organization to reach its goals and targets and improve profitability.” 


 Basically, I turn your income generating tasks and ideas into action.


I will analyze existing business strategies to discover what’s working and what’s not working. Then, I’ll provide recommendations for improvements to help you reach your goals and make more money.  

Ready to thrive building your business part-time?

Going through any of these?

  • Changes, pivots, or growth
  • Problems, challenges, or feelings of dissatisfaction in your business
  • A need for regular touch-points with someone to help you identify opportunities
  • Uncertainty about what you actually need

Let’s chat and see if I’m the right Strategist for you.


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Get More Done

 Think of me like your:

  • Strategic Thought Partner
  • Accountability Partner & Cheerleader
  • Solopreneur & Small Business Expert

Breakthrough ah-ha’s with actionable and customized strategies and plans to move your business forward with clarity, purpose, and direction.

Stop indecision fatigue.


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Get Organized

Consult & 1 hour virtual Coaching Sessions


Declutter and Organize your physical and digital Home Office spaces. We’ll make them inspiring and functional to keep creative, focused, and calm.


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