Simplify Your Solo Coaching or Consulting Business

Have you lost yourself and ready to take back your life?
Are you no longer in love with your business and need to pivot and get realigned with what you are currently passionate about?

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I help ambitious Coaches & Consultants plan with purpose for work-life alignment.

So you can move your business forward with clarity, consistency, purpose, and direction to build your unconventional lifestyle and business on YOUR TIME and TERMS.

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Does this sound like you?

If you…

  • Are fed up not making progress
  • Can’t find the time during the day
  • Don’t want to do it alone
  • Want to gain 10+ hours/week
  • Tired of busywork that doesn’t make money
  • Have a love-hate relationship with your business
  • Sick of living a life others expect of you
Then my 7-week, 1:1 Coaching Program, Schedule YOU: Authentically live life on your terms, may be for you!

By the end of this program, you’ll:

  • Rediscover who you are and find yourself again to pivot as needed
  • Intentional planning to stay on task, yet rest if needed or when things come up
  • Schedule with purpose to optimize your time and energy the way you want
  • Celebrate the amazing, unconventional person you are
  • Do what you actually love and not be at everyone else’s beck and call 
  • Create a structured, flexible ideal schedule you can’t wait to wake up for
  • Get professional advice, accountability, and immediate feedback during sessions
  • Have visuals of where your time/energy goes each week and the lifestyle and business you want to create
  • Confidently make progress each day on the tasks of your focus project
  • Receive a guide to follow between sessions to see what your goals are day to day to stay focused
  • Confidently make aligned decisions that match what you want at this point in your life
  • Receive solid advice about how to handle resistance from others adjusting to your new boundaries

You’ll be aligned with who you are, the type of life you want to create, and the type of business you want to build. This alignment allows you to make decisions that make sense for you and what you want to achieve. Begin this new chapter of living life on YOUR terms!

Work Together

Be Strategically Unconventional

Planning with purpose is all about aligning your business with your values then only focusing on things that align with those. We’ll take your mission statement and have all your goals, action steps, objectives support that mission.

  • When you know the purpose of having a business and helping others, that passion comes through and you become service first focused

  • Knowing your why + purpose + people = clarity

  • With direction, you’ll know where to start, what’s next, etc, and prevent decision fatigue. This also helps you make faster business decisions, confidently

Let’s chat and see if I’m the right person for you.

Believe it not, I’m a recovering procrastinator. Being organized didn’t come naturally and I had to learn through trial and error. 


It wasn’t until 2015 that I stopped letting everyone else tell me how to live life. I refused to conform to society and Southern expectations any longer. 


During this time, I was preparing to leave an abusive relationship and Owned/Operated a couple of coffee drive-thrus. I had to learn to get super organized in such a small space, that was also highly efficient

When I wasn’t working, I’d hang out at my neighbor’s houses, helping them organize their home businesses and offices as an outlet of control when my world was chaos. In order to leave, I also purged 80% of my stuff to make it easier to leave faster. My neighbors encouraged me to pursue this new passion as the next chapter of my life, so I gave it a try and here we are!

Since then, I decided to live the unconventional lifestyle and business on MY time and terms. You only die once, but you live everyday


Never wanted kids, not married, and recently graduated college at 35. I prefer working part-time to Corporate, rather enjoy life now than saving only for “one day” I might be able to enjoy that money, and more spiritual than religious. Also, as of the end of 2020, for the first time in my life I am financially independent! 


Now, I only pursue opportunities that are aligned with my mission, vision, and values. Everything is strategically unconventional. I have a structured, yet flexible schedule that works for me. I take trips up the mountain whenever I want and bask in the beauty around me. My happy place. Or, I can simply hang out with my boyfriend and pet rabbit while gaming, watching movies, or going to try a new restaurant or coffee shop. It’s a simple life, but one of gratitude for how far I’ve come. The best part? It’s the life I want, at this moment

Going through any of these?

  • Changes, pivots, or growth
  • Problems, challenges, or feelings of dissatisfaction in your business
  • A need for regular touch-points with someone to help you identify opportunities
  • Uncertainty about what you actually need

Get Clarity & Focus

I’ll help you plan with purpose for work-life alignment and consistent action so you can build your unconventional life and business on your time and terms through your mission, vision, and values. Get an optimized schedule to run your business smoothly with more time to experience life with those you love.


Let’s chat and see if I’m the right person for you. Book your Discovery Call Now

Allyson Lombard, BLAZE Business Strategies

I have recently started working with Jen in her Schedule Your Success Intensive. We first started by making sure that my new business, BLAZE Career Strategies is in alignment with my Vision, Mission, and values. It is.

We then strategized projects for me to tackle, including reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn to develop relationships and gain industry knowledge. We are using great project management software, and her guidance to create a schedule for me… I had 900 plus leads, and no direction. Now, at least I know where I am going, and how best to get there.” 

Christina Lawrence, The Bio Writer

“Jennifer is a Master when it comes to time management, organization, and strategy. She helped me create an inclusive schedule based on my limited time, values and priorities. Her gentle guidance and non-judgmental attitude helped me find my way out of a fog of apathy. I have some of her tools like the Daily and Weekly Business Habit Trackers, Business Progress Tracker and Brain Dump lists on my wall so I have them right in front of me. Thanks, Jennifer!”

Over the next 7 weeks we’ll:

  • Reconnect & Remember (week 1)

    Reconnect to remind yourself who you are and what you really want so you can have work-life alignment for what you crave and desire.

    Walk away:

    – Knowing where your time and energy go to optimize your time the way YOU want

    – Feeling more motivation and passion than you’ve felt in years

    – Receiving the clarity you need to put this new knowledge to work for you in the next phase

    Celebrate YOU (week 2-3)

    Now that you know how you’ve been spending your time and where it’s out of alignment with what you want, you’re ready to convert your calendar.

    Walk away with:

    – Clarity on your mission, vision, and values for work-life alignment

    – Confidence, knowing what to focus on in your life and business now

    – Knowing where your boundaries so you are able to stand your ground

    Plan with Purpose (week 4-5)

    Now that you’re clear on who you are and what you want, it’s time to decide which project, service, product, etc to focus on now. 

    Walk away:

    -Knowing what to focus on now

    -Knowing how to break down a large project into small, simple steps to stay on track

    -Equipped with your own customized schedule that’s structured with lots of flexibility

    Make it Happen (week 6-7)

    You have everything you need to start living life on your terms starting today! It’s time to embrace this new life you have created for yourself!

    Walk away with:

    -Creative ideas to begin doing things now instead of waiting until you’re at a certain point, or income

    -Flexibility to adapt to your new schedule and make adjustments as needed

    -Accountability to stay on track


I get it. Life is hectic. 

If you are going through a loved one’s recent death, still healing from trauma, or not financially independent, then no, this program is not for you right now.  

But, if it’s a matter of time and you’re ready to find yourself again or pivot in your business, then let’s chat.

What is it costing you to continue saying yes to everyone else, not be true to yourself, resenting others because you don’t want to let them down, and not enough sleep?

From procrastinator and clutter bug to out the other side of domestic violence by using organizing and optimizing my time as an outlet to create control out of chaos. I focus on creating a lifestyle and business on your time and terms that is unconventional.

I’ve never lived according to society’s and the Southern expectations. I didn’t graduate college until I was 35, child free by choice, always worked part-time jobs, owned/operated a couple coffee drive-thrus, and love structure with flexibility.

I also use visual elements when teaching most of my clients, and myself, are visual learners. I am here to inspire and empower you and always root for the underdog/outcasts.

I’m not naturally good at this either and had to learn on my own, but you don’t have to. With my help, you will figure it out faster.

Getting work-life alignment has been quite the journey over the past few years. I’ve come out the other side of domestic violence going from survival mode to ready to thrive.  I focused on creating a life and business on my time and terms that is unconventional.

It’s all about laying the foundation of optimizing your time for success by planning with purpose for work-life alignment. Once you’re aligned with what you really want, you’re calmer, happier, get more done, and confident in making decisions for you. Even when you meet challenges, you can meet them head on because you trust yourself and know you can get through it.

If you prefer someone who will cheer you on, inspire, empower and guide you, yet light a fire under your ass and call you out when you need it, then I may be the right person for you. I also curse sometimes.

In a 1:1 Program, you get a lot of engagement. The program is customized to your needs and within a specific timeframe. You get me, my experience, network, and resources. I’m here to answer your questions and give you feedback along the way, while keeping you accountable and on track to reach your goals.

My courses are the processes I teach my clients. You can DIY, go at your own pace, and it’s noninteractive. Courses are great if you aren’t ready to work with a Coach or have a smaller budget, but still want my processes. 

Yes, but I can show you the foundational steps and correct order to do them in order to save years of time figuring it out for yourself, offer resources to help you achieve your goals, and help you implement  the tasks and stay accountable.